Life Bible Booklets is a twelve level reading curriculum using Scriptures from the actual Bible. By the time students reach the final level they will be familiar with large portions of the Bible and its important themes. They will have developed reading fluency, and be ready to read through the Bible themselves. 


The first level, Jasper is an early reader level. If your child is just beginning their reading journey and becoming familiar with words and phonetics, the fifteen booklets in this level will be a help while also introducing them to words and themes common to the Bible. Each level is not organised by age but rather by fluency ability. 


The final level Amethyst is a reading plan for reading through the Bible in a year. It is a little different in that the amount read varies from day to day, to keep the student reading through at a steady pace rather than getting bogged down in some of those hard to read sections. I have attempted to organise the daily readings into topical chunks that the reader can easily reflect on and understand.


Except for the Jasper and Amethyst levels (first and last) all texts in the booklets are actual verses from the Bible. The NIV 2011 version has been used for its easy to read text for young readers. Scriptures have been selected based on their readability while also being a complete story or theme in itself. I have tried to create booklets that introduce readers to many of the books and letters of the Bible. Most booklets have a Glossary at the back for further help understanding the Scriptures.


Each booklet beginning at the Sapphire level has a simple comprehension worksheet.

Worksheets include:

  • Retell tick box - Children retell what they have read in their own words - a great exercise to encourage your child's comprehension and discussion with others.

  • Memory verses - Children can practice their copywork and memorising of Scripture.

  • Vocabulary activities - To grow your child's word knowledge and comprehension. 

  • Comprehension questions - To develop their understanding of the Scriptures.

  • Personal response - Opportunities are given to respond visually, orally or in written form making the Scriptures relevant and personal.


The Follow-Up Activity Sheets begin at Chalcedony level and give ideas that link to other curriculum areas that relate in some way to the booklet read. These resources are a support to teachers and parents - providing ideas and some links already found so all the hard work of searching and coming up with ideas is done. Many of the activities at the higher levels tend to be literacy based encouraging research and presenting their findings. On the Helpers page as well as with the individual Follow-Up-Activity pages is a range of resources to help with writing styles and methods of research and presentation.

As a qualified teacher I have taught reading at all levels in the primary mainstream as well as having experience teaching Sunday School, homeschooling, and English language classes, as well as my own studies of the Bible for over 15 years. 


All illustrations and photos are my own and subject to copyright unless stated on individual booklets. Please contact me for permission if you wish to use an image separate from the booklets. No booklets are to be sold commercially or for individual profit. Be blessed.


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