Here are some tips to make your Life Bible Booklets experience a little easier.

Life Bible Booklets is designed to be as cost effective as possible. The Title pages of all the booklets are more attractive in colour but as a printable booklet a black and white version will do the job just as well as a colour version. So if you want to save yourself a little more, change your printer option to black and white or grey scale when printing out any booklets or worksheets. Alternatively the booklets read quite well on your choice of device.

If you are having trouble viewing the PDFs check that your device enables pop-ups. Follow these steps for Safari browsers: Safari - Preferences - Security. Under Web Content untick the box next to "Block pop-ups". For PCs try: Settings - Network & Internet - Internet Options - Internet Properties. Under Privacy untick the box next to Pop Up Blocker.

You will find that many of the booklets have a blank page at the end. Just print out the number of pages that have ink on them to avoid that final blank page feeding through the printer unnecesarily.

If you have any other queries about this website and its resources please feel free to use the Contact page!


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