The Next Step.

When the idea to do an online reading resource to encourage children to read the Bible was first born I had planned for each book to have a lesson plan of sorts to support each booklet. The lessons would be learning activities from a variety of curriculum areas, sometimes integrated and in some way related to the Scripture booklet so that one booklet with supporting lessons would amount to several days maybe several weeks work.

As I begun, in between working on drawings for the booklets I would jot down some ideas for lessons that would support the booklet. As time went on I decided to dedicate my time to getting the booklets finished and completing a 1-2 page worksheet mostly literacy based. I decided to cut the lesson plan idea loose and just get finished!

It has been about two months now since I have finished, and the break was much needed, but LIfe Bible Booklets feels incomplete. In the past two months I set my mind to returning to regular work but for 1 or 2 reasons this has not happened. So I prayed "What next!"

I have a peace about beginning on the third stage of this project - It shouldn't take as long as the booklets but it might still take a while!

So hopefully sometime in the near future

lesson plans will begin to appear on the Life Bible Booklets website! Keep an eye out!

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