My God Is Able

Is anything too hard for Yahweh?

When we put God in a box and say He only works in certain ways, or at certain times, we limit Him and then we start to think, "Can He really help me?" But if we let God be God in all His strength and wisdom and acknowledge that His ways and thoughts are far superior to ours or what we can even imagine, then we start to think, "Although this problem or trial is too big for me, God is bigger than it!

When we believe God is God and not put limits on Him that rather reflect our own experience or lack of understanding we remember:

He can make barren women pregnant.

He can make a dry path through the sea.

He can win the battle when we are outnumbered.

He can heal the sick and raise the dead.

He can conquer sin and has overcome the world.

He can set sinners free and gives eternal life.

Jesus confirms that nothing is too hard for God. In Matthew 19:26 He says;

"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible" (emphasis added)

Let's stop looking from our narrow perspective and not limit Him. Then we might see God do impossible things!

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