Easter Reading

As we draw near to the time of year where we celebrate the sacrificial and life saving act of the death and resurrection of Jesus/Yahshua, Messiah, many will be reading various passages in the gospels in remembrance of those days and hours of our Saviour. The Bible records in detail many of the events beginning from His entry into Jerusalem to His resurrection.

At Life Bible Booklets I have included these essential verses in booklet form at the Jacinth Level. The final six booklets take each main event and compile the four gospel accounts into one booklet. The six booklets cover Yahshua's entry into Jerusalem, The Passover meal, His arrest, His death, Burial and Resurrection.

With these booklets your children can easily read these passages for themselves this Easter. Each booklet has a follow-up worksheet to enable their understanding and to encourage them to reflect on this incredible event that changed history for all of humanity.

Peace to you and your family in His Name.

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