Bless The Blessed, Then You'll Be Blessed

We saw clearly Yahweh was with you.

God promised to bless those who blessed Abraham and his descendants, and curse those who curse them. God instantly begins to bless Isaac on account of Abraham's faith. Isaac prospers but instead of blessing him and receiving a blessing, the Philistines begin to envy, becoming embittered and suspicious. They seek to curse Isaac and hinder God's blessings for Isaac.

Even today, if people see God's people doing well, being blessed and sharing that blessing with others, sometimes their response is to envy and accuse them of unrighteous acts that led to their prosperity. Envy in a person can result in quarrels, separation, making decisions that hinder or harm one's self, and even death.

When someone prospers because of God's hand on them, choose to be like Abimelech when he finally saw that Yahweh was with Isaac and sought peace and a treaty with him.

Make peace with those God chooses to bless and enjoy the blessing it brings.

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