Holding On For His Blessing

Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.

Life is a struggle. We struggle with ourselves and with others. Sometimes we struggle against evil as we seek to shine God's light in a dark world.

And sometimes we even struggle with God - to bless us.

Maybe the blessing you yearn for is a turning from sin, a deeper revelation of who He is, a solution to a painful situation, or an understanding of His plan for your life.

We know we need Him, so we take hold and are determined to not let go until the blessing is given.

In God's struggle with us He will not merely wrestle on the surface but He may need to twist and pull at the very root of what needs to be dealt with. He may need to touch that part of us - our pride that needs to be disabled so we can see and receive and delight in the full measure of His blessing.

Don't be afraid, keep wrestling until you have overcome.

The result will be humility, blessings and peace.

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